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Boom Boom Pow: A Meditation

Lately, I’ve been pausing in porticos, haunted by a particular line from a particular song. The ditty in question, “Boom Boom Pow,” was released by the redoubtable Black Eyed Peas more than a year ago, yet certain peculiarities of its lyrical cadences still manage to wash up upon the shores of my mind, as clear and startlingly whole as twisted lengths of beach glass.

Missed Connections Craigslist Ad of the Day

10/01/09 walmart – m4w – 50 (bham ) where oh where is the lady at walmart on 10/01/09 we talked about the rain and i adised u to walk in it to help become immune to a cold everytime u go out if ur out there reply to post plz. Location: bham it’s NOT ok …

Video Post: Lady Gaga Live on SNL; or How to Be Famous

The most interesting element of last week’s SNL was, of course, Lady Gaga. Gaga is Andy Warhol meets Andy Kaufman. She is perhaps the only pop artist in history who could write a master’s thesis on her own significance as a post-modern pop icon and what it means for our celebrity-obsessed society; furthermore, I am convinced she has already written that thesis–it’s called her career.

Bobby and Frankie and Johnny on the Claire de la Lune

1. Bobby, at home alone. A moss-green sweater, nubbly, with sprigs of Drum tobacco caught in the cables. He as usual cannot sleep, and has TV on, and comes in on the middle of “Frankie and Johnny,” which is playing on FX or Bravo. He wears loose brown cords, with coffee stains on one knee. …