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After Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple–the company he had founded–he was devastated and depressed. He decided to spend the summer regrouping and considering his next move. This is his story.

Boom Boom Pow: A Meditation

Lately, I’ve been pausing in porticos, haunted by a particular line from a particular song. The ditty in question, “Boom Boom Pow,” was released by the redoubtable Black Eyed Peas more than a year ago, yet certain peculiarities of its lyrical cadences still manage to wash up upon the shores of my mind, as clear and startlingly whole as twisted lengths of beach glass.

Recently Rented Reviews: The Big Chill

For ten years or so, I have been making jokes about “The Big Chill,” completely undeterred by my lack of knowledge about the actual film. A small group of us sat in the living room and screened it, while behind us another small group played a raucous game of Texas Hold Them. In other words, it was a 4-D viewing experience.

Stop Reading “Go Fug Yourself”

“Go Fug Yourself” recently named Amber Rose, a model best known for being Kanye West’s paramour, the winner of their annual “Fug Madness” contest, which uses reader voting to name this year’s “fugliest” celebrity.  This development reveals exactly how pernicious this silly little celebrity gossip website really is. If you are not personally familiar with …

Video Post: Lady Gaga Live on SNL; or How to Be Famous

The most interesting element of last week’s SNL was, of course, Lady Gaga. Gaga is Andy Warhol meets Andy Kaufman. She is perhaps the only pop artist in history who could write a master’s thesis on her own significance as a post-modern pop icon and what it means for our celebrity-obsessed society; furthermore, I am convinced she has already written that thesis–it’s called her career.