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Boom Boom Pow: A Meditation


Lately, I’ve been pausing in porticos, haunted by a particular line from a particular song. The ditty in question, “Boom Boom Pow,” was released by the redoubtable Black Eyed Peas more than a year ago, yet certain peculiarities of its lyrical cadences still manage to wash up upon the shores of my mind, as clear and startlingly whole as twisted lengths of beach glass.




So GOTH MINISTER ran away crying. Then he decided to wander the streets, looking for a person who knew internet. But no one wanted to help GOTH MINISTER, because he was too GOTH, and also TOO MINISTER.

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2006 on the brain, off the shoulders


Hi, Ross here. After a lot of searching of ideas from WebDesign499, I introduce you to our new website, First off, I have some catching up to do.  Let’s start with… 2006 Music This is all from the tentatively […]