So GOTH MINISTER ran away crying. Then he decided to wander the streets, looking for a person who knew internet. But no one wanted to help GOTH MINISTER, because he was too GOTH, and also TOO MINISTER.

The Animals!

Dave spins in comic about face, starts running away. Susan easily overtakes him, sits on chest, pins arms, and begins administering “Indian rope burns.” She stops abruptly to point out that the frog is unafraid of her, and actually loitering curiously, in a sexy disinterested way.

2006 on the brain, off the shoulders

Hi, Ross here. This is our new website, First off, I have some catching up to do.  Let’s start with… 2006 Music This is all from the tentatively titled Dear The Internet demo. Most of this was done in Sony Acid Pro, a fun application for Windows. In reverse alphabetical order: Yakkety Shady – …