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Hi! My name is Marie Biondolillo and I’m a writer from Northwest Washington and Northern California who now lives in Portland, OR.

Women, music, animals, rural areas, poverty and shame are some of the topics that I like writing comedy about.

My original comedy TV pilot “Guess It Just Goes to Show” was a 2018 CineStory finalist in the “Original Comedy” division, and my short script “Ashley’s Party” was nominated for best short screenplay at both the Austin Comedy Short and the Portland Comedy film festivals.

Inspired by the Stella Shorts, I also produce, direct, shoot and edit my own short comedy videos (with varying results). I’m honored to have had my video work has appear at Northwest Projections, Trailer Wars, Ladyfest and on XRAY TV.

I love writing for the stage, as there’s nothing like the visceral unpredictability of live theater. My short and full-length plays have received readings or productions at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Theatre Off Jackson, the Idiom Theatre and the Eclectic Theater.

You can find my fiction in a number of publications, including The Toast, VoiceCatcher, @rlysrslit and Waxing & Waning.

AND AND AND I also do copywriting, specializing in humorous digital content and radio ads.

If you’d like to hire me to write a script or devise an absurdist Instagram campaign (and you probably do), email me at marie.a.biondolillo [at] gmail dot com. I’m on Twitter and Instagram as @chestnutclub.

Questions, comments and cautious advice can be sent via the form below.

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