Top 10 Bob Seger YouTube Video Comments

10. “Against the Wind”:

MTD45: I wish ther wasnt any RAP now like there wasnt any RAP then.

9. “We’ve Got Tonight”:

Mr.Valiant61: I had a slow dance to this, with the wife of my boss, at our company`s christmas party, a year or two back. It could have been any guy in that room, at the time, she just happened to pick me. Her husband didn`t want to dance, he just wasn`t that sort of guy. I`ll never forget the way she held me, and i found myself in the moment, forgetting who she was. I just sensed she needed to hold someone close, anyone, just for a few minutes, i`ll never forget that evening.

kegger37: your just a little creepy…gotta say it….you just are.

8. “Mainstreet”:

JoeJC: I missed the last bus last night and had to walk for 2 and a half hours from Dublin city centre to get home. The wind was howling and the rain was coming down but I had old Bob Seger to keep me company and that was all I needed.

7. “The Fire Inside”:

patblackwell1: Dont imagine this song making no 1 in the ass bandits top ten any time soon. Only for the boot wearing belt brandishing beer slugging real men.

6. “Night Moves”:

davepegleg: Who amongst us all have ever or dreamed of this “night Moves”?? Think about it ?

5. “Like a Rock”:

ajmzeno: says it all about life!

4. “Turn the Page”:

HardyBoyFan101: The difference between music between this time and the late 90s and modern music is this is talented. Anybody can play a stupid DJ, I’d like to see a guy playin’ a DJ try to learn how to play guitar in less than 10 seconds.

3. “Katmandu”:

somshiva7: desperatley want to go katmandu.

2. “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”:

jeffhedien: I love these old wammer-jammer songs that got my testies all fired up back then & even now!

1. “Her Strut”:

lindaterbush: I have a cat…she’s an Egyptian Mao. Very slinky…special breed with elongated muscles etc. She sways…she struts, looks you square in the eye and struts AND wants you to pet her behind. She also licks my toes…..WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE????

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