Where is your majesty?
Wake up, human.

Hi, Ross here. After a lot of searching of ideas from WebDesign499, I introduce you to our new website, youareweare.com. First off, I have some catching up to do.  Let’s start with…



This is all from the tentatively titled Dear The Internet demo. Most of this was done in Sony Acid Pro, a fun application for Windows. In reverse alphabetical order:

  • Yakkety Shady – This is a full length mash-up I did of the Benny Hill theme song and Shady’s Back by Eminem. I found out someone did exactly the same thing about a month or so before I did, but I never heard their version. But here’s my version.
  • Whitenologic – Mini mash. Daft Punk + White Album. Madness.

There’s also some deemed too YTMND-related for inclusion.

  • yestergalactic – proud of this. The YTMND wasn’t very popular, though
  • when-im-kentucky – for another disastrous YTMND idea I had
  • whatishoth – Very popular with the onlines
  • united-queen – United States of Whatever Surf Remix Plus A Cameo
  • mother – So I started saying mom, mom, mom, mom
  • biag – Recording of a lost Biagio hit
  • axelfzep – More uninspired-but-creepy blues remixing

Speaking of


Click this link to see a complete list of my YTMNDs

Most of these were from 2006. I made a lot. And verily, several were pretty popular amongst Internet nerds. As of this post, I’ve attracted over 1.4 million total page views from my YTMND art nugs. Check ’em out when you have a little time.

One of them did especially well.


It constituted my entry into Stephen Colbert’s Green Screen Challenge.

It was accepted and featured on PortableACNerd.com. It aired September 28, 2006. Check out the clip.


Go! Human

Clar’s idea. A response to The Perfect Human/The Five Obstructions. Starring Clar & Mar, I did the video work and the voiceover. Clar on guitar.



The Postman/Mr. Postman

An auto-mashup using the “make music video” feature of Windows Movie Maker. I figured out how to cram the entirety of The Postman into WMM and then had it automatically edit it to The Decemberists’ “From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)”. I like this technique because it creates something beautiful from simply identifying a long clip of video and a short audio clip that are thematically similar and telling WMM to have at it. Similar to the “no effort” midi remixes above.



These Tripods are Crazy

Another WMM auto-mashup. This time The Tripods with the Moldy Peaches’ “These Burgers”. I like this one because WMM screwed up and made it all glitchy, but that makes it even better. I should note that WMM at least implies that the “music video” will somehow be affected by the audio track. I find this to be true to an extent, but after some testing, I remember deciding that WMM has a mind of its own and does pretty much whatever it feels like.



Commander Riker’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Again, “no effort”. I wish I could take credit for the horn sync, but it’s all WMM’s twisted brain.



A Very Hobo Riker Christmas

This was our Christmas card. It’s grating nonsense, pure and simple. Star Trek and hobos. I hope you’re the type of person who enjoys this sort of thing.