Mysterious Bellingham Location Of The Day: 1119 Otis St

There are many hidden, secret places around Bellingham.  Take for instance, this strange building on Otis Street, off Samish by Mac’s “Pets OK” Motel and Boomers.

...originally a laboratory "where scientists could work to understand..."


"...the unique electromagnetic fluctuations..."


"...emanating from this sector of the Island"


As you approach, a grating clanking noise emanates through the walls. To the side sits and ominous access panel or shed of some sort.


You realize: it’s a frickin’ Dharma station.




Antenna for transmitting The Numbers


more foreshadowing



I’ve often wondered what it was.  One time I was on a walk with some friends to check it out.  As we pondered its purpose, a weird guy in his mid 30s on a BMX came riding down the side yard out of no where and shouted at us in a slurred voice, “pumping station.”

We’ll see, BMX guy, we’ll see.

The first step to deducing the function of this structure was to figure out its address.  Through trial and error on Google Maps, I was able to establish that it was on the 1100 block of Otis Street.   Here’s an aerial shot I obtained using “Bing Maps”, which is a service so cool it almost makes up for the annoying sidebars and the fact that it has the “Bing” name attached to it.

Next step was to look up the properties on that block using the excellent Whatcom County Assessor’s Parcel Data Base Information System.



City of Bellingham Water Department, eh?  Sounds promising.



BMX guy was right.  More specifically, it’s apparently a “Water Pressure Control Station”.

But what of the mysterious access shed?


Internet to the rescue again.  If I was to make an educated guess I’d say that it’s probably an emergency diesel generator installed in 2003.

ominous rear view




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  1. Sir, I very much appreciate your inquiries into this matter, and now consider myself informed about one small part of our community’s vital infrastructure. Kindly investigate and report findings regarding the 2300 block of Kulshan at the West-facing corner of Monroe (rear the RE-Store recycled goods building center). Query: what sort of two-dimensional families reside on this side of the street?

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