Boom Boom Pow: A Meditation

Lately, I’ve been pausing in porticos, haunted by a particular line from a particular song. The ditty in question, “Boom Boom Pow,” was released by the redoubtable Black Eyed Peas more than a year ago, yet certain peculiarities of its lyrical cadences still manage to wash up upon the shores of my mind, as clear and startlingly whole as twisted lengths of beach glass.

Grandpa Wheelchair Performs at the Second Annual Winter Commission

There had to be a noise band for the Winter Commission. Following in the steps of WC1’s Tokonoma, Grandpa Wheelchair was formed to bring some improvised music to the proceedings. The band consisted of Luke Chmura, Mark Detrick, Amanda Kalkwarf, Jubal Sather and myself. Evan Bridges created a crazy improvised video performance which somehow integrated live and archival footage to create a video collage.

10 Questions with Pan Pan’s Sarah Jerns

Pan Pan is an instrumental band from Bellingham, WA.  Sarah Jerns plays piano, trumpet, and fluegelhorn, as well as composing all of the music for Pan Pan.  Sarah has also played with The Love Lights, The Presidents of the United States of America, The Ghost and The Grace, and Rooftops.  These are our questions to …


On October 23, 2009, Pan Pan played a CD release show at Western Washington University’s Underground Coffeehouse with Rooftops. Here is the footage: ———————————————————————————————————-SEE ALSO—–>>> 10 Questions with Pan Pan’s Sarah Jerns COMING SOON: ROOFTOPS LIVE AND ACOUSTIC AT THE UCH (10.23.09)